Digital Impressions- iTero® Element

The revolutionary iTero® Element Intraoral Scanner is a digital scanner that greatly enhances the accuracy of dental impressions. Before digital imaging, patients needing impressions to fit a dental restoration had to endure bulky trays of thick impression gel. Taking conventional impressions, or moulds, was an uncomfortable and frustrating process which sometimes produced flawed results and necessitated a second round of impressions. But the new iTero scanning technique is beneficial to both the dentist and patient, by producing fast, virtually perfect results.

Dr. Cohen uses the iTero system to optically scan the teeth and bite when patients need to be fitted for a dental restoration. The images are then transferred to the Cadent lab, and used to craft a model of the teeth which Dr. Cohen then uses to fabricate the final restorations. Because the images are so accurate, the need for multiple office visits to obtain adequate impressions is completely eliminated. Patients are pleased with the ease of the process and how well their restorations fit.

With the iTero digital scanner, Dr. Cohen is able to use laser and optical scanning to digitally capture three-dimensional (3D) virtual images of tooth preparations so that all dental restorations including porcelain crowns and veneers are perfectly shaped with a precision fit. The iTero scanner captures 100,000 points of red laser light which creates perfect focus images of more than 300 focal depths of the tooth structure. Digital scanning also eliminates problems associated with traditional impressions including errors caused by air bubbles, tray movement, inadequate tray adhesive, or distortion. This is a “win-win” situation for our patients because in addition to increased precision, digital scanning is more comfortable than traditional dental impressions. All of the information that we provide to Cadent is confidential, secure and protected consistent with HIPPA standards.

Once patients experience the benefits of iTero we are certain they will come away impressed.