Diode Laser

Dr. Cohen uses the latest laser technology, a Picasso Diode Laser, to ensure that soft-tissue procedures are fast and pain-free. From cosmetic procedures to reduce gum tissue to controlling bleeding so that we can get better impressions for bridges and crowns, this new tool helps Dr. Cohen provide you with care that is pain free and less likely to require anesthetic.

With this laser, we can:

  • Remove soft tissue between the two front teeth that may be causing a gap or space between the teeth, in just a few minutes and with little need for anesthesia;
  • Repair a “gummy smile,” giving you a smile without puffy, overgrown gum tissue; and
  • Use it to control bleeding and retract gum tissue so that the impressions that we take for your crown or bridge are more precise, and require less time and discomfort for you.