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Marshall G.

My previous now-retired dentist went to Dr. Marc Cohen. Now I know why. Knowledge, skill, straightforward reasonable assessments based on decades of experience as a specialist, digital imaging, seasoned support staff, and a feel-good comfortable rapport shown by all in the office. Easy decision.

Kelly B.

When you want superior work done by a caring doctor and fabulous staff THIS is where you go. I’ve had a permanent bridge for over 18 years, as perfect as the day it was put in so I didn’t even hesitate when I needed a crown recently! Thanks Dr Marc !!!

Cathy D.

High quality service, trust, confident, kind, Professional
Dr. Cohen, and his entire office, as a medical provider myself, could never say enough about this practice. Dr. Cohen is honest, precise and his knowledge compares to none. He and his staff are calm, kind, understanding, and it has a feel of a family, Have so much gratitude, and thankfulness for Dr. Cohen, and his entire group, due to having many dental procedures through my life. Thank you.

Karen D.

Would NOT go anywhere else
Not only is this group both professional and friendly, but I know that my teeth are being taken care of properly unlike some previous experiences I have had in the past at other offices. You won’t find me going anywhere else. Great job Dr. Cohen and staff!!

Ann M.

Dr. Cohen was extremely kind and most competent for my procedure. I appreciated his patience in making certain my bridge fit properly. His office staff is certainly very nice and helpful. My experience was so much more comfortable and pleasant than I had feared. I certainly would suggest that my family and friends use Dr. Cohen should their situation require his expertise.

Vicki R.

Dr. Cohen was very professional and caring. I had 4 hours of work done without any distress or pain. He is wonderful to take his time to show his patients what he is doing. I am very proud of his work, so many complements today. I only have temporary can’t wait for permanent. Makes me glad to smile again. Thank you!! Dr. Cohen and staff wonderful experience.

Robert R.

I will tell you what I told my son Don Riggs after my visit to your office. These are my exact words: Thank you son. Mrs. Cohen and Dr. Cohen are a Godsend to us all. Mrs. Cohen is the sweetest lady and Dr. Cohen could not have been a better gentleman. I could not be more happy to have finally found a dental office that cared more about their patients. The best advice I could give the both of you including that wonderful nurse lady is don’t change a thing. I hope God blesses you with a wonderful and happy life. You definitely made me a happy camper. I’ll be seeing you again, and thanks again. Robert Riggs 😉

Patti M. M.

Dr. Cohen, Tammy and Myrna provide a comfortable, educational and thorough visit to the dentist. I felt today’s exam and consultation provided the necessary information for diagnosis and potential treatment options. Dr.Cohen and team will consult with an endodontist about the need for services. It is a relief not to have to do this on my own and I fully trust Dr. Cohen’s recommendations. I think so highly of this office, that I, without reservation, recommend them to all friends and family.

Jeannie S.

Best dental office in Memphis
Have been using Dr Cohen for years now, and this visit thankfully was for a simple filling and repair. His work as always was excellent . Dr. Cohen never suggests procedures that are not necessary, is highly skilled and his entire office staff is exceptionally friendly and professional.

Wanda T.

Best in Memphis
We’ve had nothing but great service and care at Dr. Marc Cohen’s office. He is a topnotch professional looking for the best and most affordable way to take care of our teeth. My mom, now 87, only has a few teeth left and Dr. Cohen has worked hard helping keep those teeth healthy so she can avoid a lower denture. Dr. Cohen made her top denture when that became necessary and she has never needed any adhesive for a good fit or to eat. It is also a great plus that Dr. Cohen’s capable staff always schedule in such a way that there is very little waiting. For these and other reasons, Dr. Cohen and staff are the best in Memphis for dental care!

Kelly L.

Beyond exceptional!
Dr., Mrs. Cohen, and all the staff are polite, courteous, and caring. They treat you as one if their own family. Dr. Cohen continues to stay on top of the changes in technology. Even after moving six hours away, I would continue my dental checkups with Dr Cohen, for many years. It is not terribly inconvenient since I still have family in Memphis. I highly recommend Dr. Marc Cohen for all your dental needs!

Steven C.

Always a Five Star Experience
This particular visit was a semi-annual teeth cleaning. I was greeted on arrival like a member of the family and seen right on time by a very professional, congenial, and efficient hygienist. Dr. Cohen then checked me over to ensure that all was well. I have been going to Dr. Cohen for 20 years. He has practically re-built my entire dental structure. During this entire time he, and his work, have been absolutely fantastic! Not only would I recommend Dr. Cohen; I would encourage you to seek him out – I assure you will be much more than satisfied.

Earlene E.

The Office That Makes A Smile!
When I leave the dental office I feel confident that Dr. Cohen and his staff have not only met my expectations but have provided me with the best care available. Insurance gets more and more complicated, and Mrs. Cohen who also works in the office has provided assistance and followed-up on claims. That is so helpful! Absolutely everyone in the office goes the extra mile. A sincere thank you to all. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cohen.

Shawna A.

The only dentist I’ve had good experience with.
HAPPY DENTIST’S DAY! After a really traumatic experience in my early 20’s, I’ve had an extreme phobia of going to the dentist through the rest of my adult life. When I moved to Memphis and needed to get some work done, it’d been at least 10 years since my last check up. In my quest for a dentist who could meet my needs, and through a series of calls and referrals from other dental offices, I’d been referred to Dr. Cohen more than once. I decided to take a chance and over the years since my first visit, I have never regretted it. Dr. Cohen, along with his wife and staff, has always been incredibly friendly, professional, patient, and very understanding of my fears and specific needs. Finding a great doctor these days is really tough, but for as long as I live in Memphis I will continue to visit Dr. Cohen, as well as refer others his way.

Nancy B.

I have a happy smile with thanks to Dr. Cohen.
Many years ago Dr. Fisher, an orthodontist, recommended that I visit Dr. Cohen and said that he was an artist and perfectionist. I always had many problems with my teeth and with my bite, and now at age 73, I have a mouth full of nice sturdy and comfortable teeth. Some are mine but others are crowns and bridges made by Dr. Cohen after I had implants by Dr. Smith. They always fit perfectly. The office staff, hygienists, and assistants, who work with Dr. Cohen, are very pleasant, efficient and professional and put you at ease. I have no complaints. All of this work was very expensive and my husband and I are not wealthy; so, I wish there was insurance or assistance to help pay for bad teeth as there is for other physical health problems. Consumers do need to be prepared for the expense. It has been worth it to me.

Greg M.

Outstanding and professional. Dr Cohen and staff are the consummate professionals. They go above and beyond to deliver the highest standards of service to the patient. They have always conducted themselves with the patients best interest in mind and continually strive to deliver premium care and advice. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of oral care.

Elizabeth M.

I began seeing Dr. Cohen a few years ago after my local dentist referred me. He along with Dr. Smith (the oral surgeon he uses) fixed my front teeth. This required implants and crowns. I will use him and only him for the rest of my life for my dentist. I will also make the 3 hour drive for my child to see him as well. He knows what he is doing.